lost girls

lost girls

Stephanie Todhunter

May 18 - June 10

Reception: Saturday, May 20th, 6-9pm

Stephanie Todhunter_Queen Beth (disassembled assembled)

Queen Beth (disassembled/assembled), collage, spraypaint, gold leaf, wax, 36"x48", 2017

Neon pinks, blues and yellows; lace-like patterns, stickers, metallic leaf, wax, ripped paper and sharpies embellish a band of lost girls. The deeply mysterious mixed media works of Stephanie Todhunter remark on the unique “latchkey kid” experience with sensitivity.

In Lost Girls, Todhunter explores the predominant dichotomies of identity among “Generation X” children. Described as one of the least nurtured generations in recent U.S. History, the “latchkey kids” of the late 1970s and early 80s were expected to be self-reliant, yet remained subject to the vagaries of the adults around them.  Todhunter’s dynamic and layered approach to portraiture addresses these issues of simultaneous individuality and homogeneity, invisibility and vulnerability.

Todhunter’s interdisciplinary process begins with sculpture, proceeds to macro-photography, and then collage. The blurred features of her plaster subjects reference the ethereality of a transient youth, while her purposeful choices regarding color, name, and background setting, acknowledge each child’s individuality. Through the processes of covering and deconstructing, Todhunter defines her subjects, shields them, and gives them voice. The resulting portraits shimmer and sink in their definition of a generation; they are as playful as they are disquieting.

Bio: Currently based in Boston, Stephanie grew up in the 1970s Midwest, moved from small town to small town by her single working mother. Immediacy and experimentation are essential to Stephanie’s multidisciplinary work.  With bold color, simplicity and strong lines—sometimes incorporating collage to add a bit of black humor and spontaneity—Stephanie tries to reduce a given subject to its most basic idea without sentimentality.  Her work has been included in group and solo exhibitions in New England, and is held in private collections around the world.

Website: http://stephanietodhunter.com/